Money is _____________ .


* Final post in a 30-day experiment
focused on magnetizing essence! *

We made it!  The magnetic experiment ends here.  But the magnetic mindset remains.  So, what has a month of focused thought on “creating money” revealed to me?   That money is…

  • …a measurement of value — like time, square footage or a bra-cup.
  • …a mirror — that reflects the person or organization hoarding, sharing, repelling, enjoying or investing it.
  • …an amplifier — that can pronounce who and what we are (i.e. philanthropist or felon).
  • …a catalyst — that can propel dreams and nightmares.

The essence of money is absolutely neutral — like water.  The use of money is absolutely defining — of its user.

To organize societies and nations around the acquisition of money is the most foolhardy and vacuous feat ever put into place.  That kind of barren tail-chasing is void of the stuff that actually makes life enjoyable — “utopic” things like well-being and dignity for all.

Civilizations need something strong to stand on.  And as money is not a virtue in and of itself, it lacks that necessary strength to uphold us.  Hence the cracks we’re experiencing.  Perhaps the way is being paved for higher ways?

Money without heart creates tyranny and depravity.  But, the way things are currently established, heart without money creates exhaustion and stagnation. 

As a lover and an optimist, I want to do vibrant things in the world.  I want to make dry things glisten.  I want to see relationships, bodies and biospheres healed.  I want to unleash miracles and transformation from myself and others.  And in the current 3D capitalist system I indwell, money enables these goals (and the absence of money hinders them).  Something about that seems so so off.  And, like many others, I feel change coming.  Not coins, but change.

A different kind of currency.  One that really does flow, circulate and energize.

In reviewing my intent to create and magnetize money, I have also accepted the responsibility to cleanse and upgrade all that I can surrounding monetary transactions.


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3 Responses to “Money is _____________ .”

  1. Liliana Says:

    Money is a energy… an you are right : We are reponsable of the use we give to it… Money, Light, Love…

  2. Ideas With A Kick Says:

    A way to access new experiences and thus enjoy myself. What else?


  3. Erika Harris Says:

    I seriously miss this prophet:

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