Live outside the box. Literally.



* Post 12 in a 30-day experiment
focused on magnetizing essence! *

(Pre-Script:  I realize now that this “experiment” has evolved into an extended meditation that is shining bright light on pretty much every area of the things that matter most to me.  This kind of revelation is as inconvenient as it is liberating, because you become responsible for the things you know… Gulp.)

Have you ever seen a square egg?  Or a square anything in nature?  You don’t need to be a whiz in geometry or forestry to notice the blatant absence of squares and rectangles in nature.  Nature shows her preference for curved lines.  Not only are they more aesthetically pleasing, they are also stronger.  The soft, supple willow survives violent storms while the straight, rigid tree snaps and cracks.

One reason modern civilizations like squares so much is because they stack well.  And you know how post-modern people are always trying to scrape the sky.  Before we were taken over by feverish, rabid ambition… when we lived with greater humanity and sanity… our shelters – especially the shelters of red, brown and yellow people – did not resemble rigid blocks, but rounded breasts.  Gorgeous, comforting, nurturing, soothing breasts.


Talk about home sweet home.  Not home linear home.  Home uptight home.  Home cookie-cutter home.

Unquestioned, unexamined conformity pervades mainstream living.  Like a cog.  In a wheel.  That will be shipped out in a box.  Probably not too different from the box we might work in… which is, again, not too different from the box we might live in.  Horror!

For the past decade, I let my desire to have a different kind of home and a different kind of life sleep… but now it is awake and screaming something fierce.  I used to pacify myself with pictures (visualizations) and happy-talk (affirmations), but a couple days ago I took my first actual tour of a dome-home (a B&B, actually – Thyme for Bed in Lowell, Indiana), and that experience deepened my craving for an unboxed home and an unboxed life.  I want land.  So that I can hand-sculpt my own earthen home according to my vision, style and nuances.  Look at the breath-taking possibilities that roundedness and earthen materials make possible:




An extension of my gleeful life will include the hybrid home I will create… part monolithic (which is made of sprayable concrete) part cob (which is made of clay, sand, straw and earth… similar to adobe) with lots of stone, clear/stained glass, mosaic/ceramic tiles, solar panels and tons of soulful expression and reverence for Mama Earth.  It will be my creative headquarters in which I grow, and from which I send you my love.  

Post-Script:  Hey, do you want to make your own Heavenly Hobbit House, too?  Here’s some resources:


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11 Responses to “Live outside the box. Literally.”

  1. Liliana Says:

    awesome…. !!!

  2. Erika Harris Says:

    Great resource I just came across:

  3. Mahala Mazerov Says:

    I have always wanted to live in a round house. Except for those times I dream of building something like straw bale.

    I’ve been reminded lately of the practice of naming 50 or 100 dream things you want to be, do, or have in your life. I’m pretty content, so I don’t come up with anything much. I’m starting a new list and putting this at the top. Who knows what may happen?!

    Delighted to meet you via Havi. Look forward to future connection.

    • Erika Harris Says:

      “I’m pretty content, so I don’t come up with anything much.” That kind of contentment seems like the ideal thing to come up with. Freedom from grasping, dissatisfaction and unrest? Mmmm, blisssss… Hey, wouldn’t it be a hoot if we both get the round house and unshakeable peace of mind?! From one idealist to another, this is not only plausible, but possible. So delighted to meet you, too, Mahala. XO

  4. Mahala Mazerov Says:

    Thank you for recognizing the freedom inherent in contentment. I LOVE the idea of a round house and unshakable peace of mind.


    I saw this and may desire a tree-made house instead. I thought of you the moment I saw it.

  5. Tree House Plans Says:

    i had that tree house .I had hours of enjoyable playing with that thing. I believe that was the last gift I got from my grandmother before she past away. I believe fisher price made it. Thank you with the happy memory.

  6. TheIntentionalSage Says:

    Great stuff!

    My partner and I are looking to build (or find one built?) a round house. This is just mire grist for the mill! :-)

    With Love and Gratitude,

    The Intentional Sage

  7. hybrid willow Says:

    hybrid willow…

    […]Live outside the box. Literally. « LIFEBLAZING[…]…

  8. India Property Says:

    India Property…

    […]Live outside the box. Literally. « LIFEBLAZING[…]…

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