What Can You Learn From ‘Happy Baby Pose’?

 * Post 10 in a 30-day experiment
focused on magnetizing essence! *

This past weekend I enjoyed a sensational, love-filled wedding at Destination Kohler.  Besides being inspired by the joy of the occasion, the lavish beauty of the Kohler grounds stimulated me in so many ways that strongly supported my goals with this experiment in magnetizing essence.

During my weekend in Wisconsin, the part of the book that I actively meditated on was the chapter about inner guidance.  Because I had committed to pay special attention to the things that attracted me (as well as the things that repelled me),  I was very aware of my attraction to Kohler’s Yoga on the Lake Studio.  Even more than the luxurious spa services.  More than horseback riding.  More than pumpkin-carving.  I was guided to an early morning (7:30 am!) Slow Flow Vinyasa class.  I didn’t know why.  Until later.

This particular class put a lot of emphasis on the hips.  The instructor called for us to go into happy baby pose which opens the hip joints.  And so much more.  While in Happy Baby I noticed a few strong feelings.  I felt:

  • surrendered/vulnerable;
  • playful/giddy; and
  • free of worry and concern.


Babies draw to them all that they need:  nourishment, protection, giggles, cleanliness, naps, play, exploration, soft blankets, sweet smells, bubble baths, pureed fruit, Momma’s milk, lullabies, cradling, joyful gatherings, adoring attention, etc.

All the things adults spend their time and energy striving to get, babies enjoy with ease.  Sure, adults have responsibilities and babies don’t.  But I still believe there is something of deep importance we can learn from them.  While I was in “their” pose… undignified… unlady-like… with my butt in the air, and legs spread open… somewhere between silliness, freedom and innocence, I got it. 

I accessed their magical state of mind.  I remembered when I knew how to trust perfectly.

And can you honestly think of anything as magnetic as a baby?

Ananda Balasana.  What has it taught you?


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3 Responses to “What Can You Learn From ‘Happy Baby Pose’?”

  1. Erika Harris Says:

    P.S. And how cool is it that I got this lil’ uplifting a-ha moment because I followed my inner guidance, and chose that yoga class over the tempting citrus scrub :-)?!

  2. Liliana Says:

    Just remind us to be like them: like babys…

  3. Happy Baby Pose | Yoga Beginners Says:

    […] What Can You Learn From 'Happy Baby Pose'? « l i f e b l a z i n g … […]

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