How do you keep life simple and fret-free?


* Post 7 in a 30-day experiment
focused on magnetizing essence! *

I spent today with the most gentle man on the face of the earth — my uncle, Riley Jr. (in pic above).

Chronologically, he’s 71.

Developmentally, he’s 6.

Inspirationally, he’s perfect.

His conviction that everything will always be just fine cannot be shaken.  His belief in the goodness of God does not flinch or fade.  His certainty that every one of his needs will be met (and generally exceeded) is something I aspire to.

And because he’s free of anxiety, he has extra energy to Just Be Love.  There’s not one suspicious or cynical bone in his body, because he’s filled to capacity with Sweet Innocence.

“Cognitively challenged?”  Perhaps.

But light years ahead of me in Trust and Ease?  Definitely.

Before I took him out for dinner, he strummed a simple, carefree song for me.  As you can see, he doesn’t bother with fretting.  Oh look… a punny-pun!  :-)

He’s got this manifesting stuff mastered.  How ’bout you?  Do you have any Surprise Teachers in your life?


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