Blasting Blocks with Hematite and Garnish


* Post 4 in a 30-day experiment
focused on magnetizing essence! *

So, how do you feel about garnish?

Yesterday morning, while making my breakfast green smoothie, and choosing to save one of the strawberries as garnish for my glass, I had this unsettling college memory resurface:  A girlfriend had invited me to her dorm-room to study together.  She offered me a glass of pink-lemonade, and she added a lemon-wedge to the glass.  With a brightly colored bendy straw, too.

As she was slicing the lemon, I remember protesting… telling her to not go through all that trouble.  I didn’t feel used to it.  Or deserving of it.  A wedge of lemon!  She ignored me and, instead, created the most lavish glass of lemonade ever made.  I tried my best to simply enjoy it.  But I was too busy feeling guilty and puritanical.  As if that wedged lemon caused a harmful global deficit.

Thankfully, I’m not in that place anymore.  I’m an unapologetic sensualist now, who takes full advantage of my glorious nervous system.  But remembering how much I shrinked away from that piece of garnish… feeling like the added color, beauty, effort, citrus-zing, was some monumental prize I wasn’t worthy of… it revealed a lot to me about my former state of self-worth, deservedness and pleasure.

I see now that working through this book with such a wide-open expectancy is going to cause quakes and cleanses.  And I welcome them, because I want to be free of those lurking programs that cause me to downplay my value.

More garnish, please!

And add a little hematite, while you’re at it.

Wedding bands.  Cross-necklaces.  Military dog-tags.  Corporate ID badges.  Blonde highlights.  Fluevog shoes.  We all have things we wear as statements or as reminders.

Yesterday I picked up a pocket-sized piece of hematite (which shares the properties of magnetite that I mentioned in an earlier post) to remind me that:  I am magnetic; I attract and share great things; and I am deserving of such!


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