An Open Letter to the Owner of Chicago’s Fine Arts Building

September 2, 2009

Robert B. Berger, Principal
Berger Realty Group LLC
40 East Oak Street
Chicago, Illinois  60611

Re:  The Fine Arts Building @ 410 South Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Illinois, 60605

Dear Mr. Berger,

I’ve never written a letter to an owner of a power spot before.  In the past, when I’ve wanted to express my gratitude for magnetic marvels like Kilimanjaro, Stonehenge, Machu Picchu, Mt. Shasta, Sedona or Egyptian pyramids, I’d just do a jubilant dance while facing the rising sun or something.  But now, I can just shoot you an e-mail to gush about how I got electrocuted while visiting the very magnificent power spot that you own — The Fine Arts Building.

It is no exaggeration that electrical currents of ancient creative fires shot through my body while I enjoyed a tour of FAB that Anita Miller gave a friend and me.   (Anita and my friend, Lynnette, can vouch for said electrocution).

As you know, sacred sites and power spots host a variety of visionary and mystical experiences, like:

  • transformative revelations;
  • ecstatic epiphanies;
  • elevation of consciousness;
  • saturation of cosmic love and inspiration;
  • and many other life-altering manifestations.

This is why I identify and experience The Fine Arts Building as a power spot, because Source Energy fills and fuels that place.  Translators, infusers and creators of beauty converge there.  Whirling colors, notes, bodies, rhythms, lines, textures, graphic code, wood, strings, mantras, meditations, vibrations, transparency, density, chords, beats, oils, voices.  It’s outrageous, really.  All that conception going on under one roof.

As I stood outside the door of Frank Lloyd Wright’s former studio, I was struck.  And a few moments later, as I stood outside the doors of the stunning Studebaker Theatre/World Playhouse, I was struck again.  How’s Mr. Coffey‘s progress coming with the rehabilitation?

Studebaker     FAB Theater

In addition to telling you how much I adore the power spot you own, I am also writing you with a very serious query.  Mr. Berger, I want to write a funded play for this enchanted space.  “Mother Art” — named after Frank Lloyd Wright’s saying that “The mother art is architecture” — will whirl his inner-life and outer-designs in a way quite distinct from Richard Nelson’s 2006 FLW-based play.  Blending elements of Wright’s history, design and passion, “Mother Art” would honor and epitomize the artistry that has been housed at FAB for the past 124 years.

What do you think?
Erika Harris


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One Response to “An Open Letter to the Owner of Chicago’s Fine Arts Building”

  1. paul j Says:

    You rock.

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