What color are you?

One of my favorite bloggers, Havi Brooks, recently gave an invitation to her readers to try a fun exercise.  It comes from Chapter 3 of Barbara Sher’s book, Wishcraft, which you can read for free here.

I want to give you the same invitation.  Barbara’s basic instructions for the exercise ask you to role-play a color that appeals to you.  “Pretend you are that color and speak for it… tell what qualities you have as that color — not as yourself.” 

I had such a ball doing this exercise, I did it twice.  First I said:

I am Emerald.  Green.
The “G” of the rainbow’s:  r o y G b i v.
The Heart of the chakras.
Herbs.  Leaves.  I am plant-plasma.
I eat the Sun.  And nourish those who eat me.
I process Light and enliven.  Everything.
I am precious.  As a gem or a salad.
I am gardens and forests and moss.
I am growth.

Later I said:

I am gray.

Without white, I’d be black.
Without black, I’d be white.
But I am the blended possibility of both.
Bi-racial, if you will.
The middle-road of both/and.

I am smoke.  Not fire.
I am matte.  Not shiny.
Obscure.  Not obvious.

Look closer.  Deeper.  Past me.  Through me.

And you will find, beyond my gossamer veil…

the perfect sky for napping…
the perfect t-shirt for lounging…
the perfect flannel for snuggling…

I am the comforting duvet
minus the worry of dirt
as I am already so very close to dust-nature.

No pretense.

I am what you want to be in
when you come out of those other
“primary” colors.  I am second, yet savored.

I am practical.  Whole industries
cities and castles are made of me.

Stone.  Concrete.  Slabs of strength.
I am not to be underestimated.

I am your very foundation.
Trustworthy.  Stable.  Bedrock.

Rest.  On.  Me.

But more importantly, what do you say?  What color are you?  Play with me by answering in the comment section! :-)


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11 Responses to “What color are you?”

  1. Jeaneen Says:

    What Color am I?

    I am a combination of orange, yellow, and gold
    I am the strikingly beautiful horizon of a brand new day
    I am the eye catching glare of a winding down sun, setting in the west
    I am a blazing, crackling fire that keeps two lovers toasty on a cold winter night
    I am the summer sun that forces you into shade with my radiant heat and vibrant rays
    I am the divine fruits of mango, pineapple, oranges, nectarines, peaches
    All that is refreshing and nourishment for the body
    I am sunflowers, lillies and orchids arranged “just so” on a festive wedding day
    I am rustically beautiful dandelions usually despised and often picked from a manicured lawn
    I am relentless
    I am bright
    I am beautiful
    I am passion
    There is always a hint of me somewhere, look around

    -Jeaneen S.

    Awesome exercise! Thank you for sharing this! =)

  2. Claus Liberg Rasmussen Says:

    Box of autumn.

    I am the colour of afterglow and I give you the box of autumn.

    So THIS is the day I get back my box of autumn.
    Every year I forget it’s contents.
    And marvel when I open it.

    My way of thinking,
    and seeing goes dark red,
    like glowing coal.

    Candles I ablaze with yellow.
    I draw warmcoloured curtains to shield you.
    I stir up memories of earthy smells,
    and leaves on fire in Canada.

    So this was the day I got back my box of autumn.
    Aaaaah! Thank you :-)

    Claus L. Rasmussen

  3. Jacqueline Burgos Says:

    I’m Pink, Blue, Purple, Black and Gray. I’m every color. I’m a Storm. I’m a Rainbow.

    I’m unlike the soft beautiful blue you see with clear skies. I’m the dark moody blue, with hints of Pink that envelope the sky when a storm front surfaces. I’m the gray and black in the angry rolling clouds. I’m the subtle purple and black lining in the clouds when the storm has its way with the atmosphere. I’m the Rainbow that peeks through as the sun threatens to clear the day.

    Jacqueline Burgos

  4. Erika Harris Says:

    Claus, I love your fiery box of autumn, and the warm curtains that shield… makes me think of a plush, crimson velvet couch… in a book-filled room, with lots of hours to lounge and read. Thank you for creating this Magical Space!

    Jackie, you ARE the perfect storm! Sometimes rumbling with bass. Sometimes easing with grace. Bring on the dark, relieving hues! I don’t have to squint from glaring, blaring light. No shades needed. With your clouds, I can look straight-on. And I love what I see, Chica :-)

  5. Eunice Harris Says:

    I am citizen Orange in the community of Marbled Spectrum.

    My purpose includes providing variety in taste, fragrance, and sight for the human senses; as in an Orange Julius, orange marmalade, orange blossom cologne, or a tube of cadmium-orange oil paint.

    My responsibility as Orange includes interacting with neighboring Yellow so that we can transmute into each other and create a point of merging. The beauty of our community is established by each color blending with its adjacent neighbor to create one of the many focal points of transition.

    As global citizens, we are challenged to reach out to our varied neighbors in harmony and unity. The result might be akin to the beauty and magic of the Marbled Spectrum.

    – Eunice Harris

    • Erika Harris Says:

      Dear Fellow Residents of the Marbled Spectrum…

      …that Orange Julius/marmalade/blossom/cadmium oil above… is my MOM! (Who is also the Featured Artist on this blog).

      Thanks for playing, Mom :-)
      Love you.

  6. Margaret Says:

    To everyone. Lovely, just lovely. Not only did I enjoy the poetry but amazing metaphors into the very character that is you. Thank you for sharing.

  7. seanstargazer Says:

    I am indigo and amethyst.

    I am the wild orchid and violet you see blooming with spring.
    I am the wild and clear western sky after the sun has set.
    I am the wisdom of the third eye; I see everything and judge nothing.
    I am compassion’s true colour.

    I am the indigo bloom of the iris, the crazy succulent juiciness of the jacaranda tree.
    I am creative ferment , creative expression and intuition all in one.
    With one breath, I blow across the Universe creating and upending life wherever I grow.
    I make no apologies.
    I am what I am.
    I am the voice and the all seeing eye of Spirit.
    I am the world beyond the world you see and think you know.
    I am the blessing and the blessed.

    I am the seen and the unseen.
    I am the end of the rainbow that implies a new beginning.
    I am all that there is and yet not a part of this reality.
    I bend personal realities and melt illusions.

    I am that I am.

  8. Erika Harris Says:

    My goodness, seanstargazer. Bejeweled indigo amethyst treasure. What a shocking streak of purple Beauty and Juicy Life. I am grateful. And quenched.

  9. Življenjsko zavarovanje Says:

    I found your website on Yahoo and i like your content.

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