Why I love Einstein. (Yes, the hair. And the mind beneath it. But that’s just the beginning…)

Did you know Einstein described capitalism as a source of evil to be overcome and as the “predatory phase of human development”?

I also recently learned that AE was a member of the NAACP (Princeton, NJ chapter).  He was a friend of Paul Robeson, with whom he co-chaired the American Crusade to End Lynching, and he was a character witness for W.E.B. DuBois when DuBois was accused of being a Communist spy.  In short, Einstein was a tremendous civil rights activist.  I am as impressed by this, as I am his scientific career.  His heart was as engaged as his (mystic) mind.

I share his socialist ideals.

It is obscene and unpardonable that “the wealthiest” country on the planet is structured in such a way that its citizens are denied healthcare that is free, ethical and patient-centered.  So many people facing a health crisis are then trampled with a financial crisis to pay for treatment plans that don’t even honor their whole selves. (((deep, exhausted sigh)))… When benevolence and compassion are not in the Equations, “predatory phases” are inevitable.

Socialism gets a bad rep when it’s mistaken as a threat to personal flourishing.  The very motivated… driven… (often privileged/advantaged) individual is confident in their ability to earn/achieve a really big Cake for themselves… and they resent the idea of a lesser motivated (aka “lazy”) person getting access to their Cake without working for it.

As a hard-working person with high ambitions, I understand this fear.

But as a harder-loving person with higher vision, I transcend it.


I cannot truly “win” when others fight for BASIC dignities like food, freedom, education, healthcare and earning opportunities.

AE represented/embodied the *potential* we ALL possess.  He was outstanding, and he unleashed his Nature accordingly.  It takes courage… hutzpah… even a bit of irreverence to do that.

I join him.  Along with the other “Greats”…  They are not to be used as excuses to play small.  We are actually called to surpass them.


Out-think Einstein.
Out-love Mother Theresa.
Out-dance Alvin Ailey.
Out-paint Monet.
Out-design Steve Jobs.
Out-lead Obama.
The “Greats” are not excuses to trail behind… they are examples to leap ahead.

This ridiculous, audacious, nerve I advocate is the only thing that makes progress possible.

Get over your cool, “reasonable” self.  Give in to your inexplainable Fire.


Or die in mediocrity.  As most do.



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