The Gift of Disillusionment


An illusion is a distortion of reality.

So disillusionment must be the ability to finally see things as they really are.

One illusion I’ve dissed (geeky humor, I know) is that my pain is unique.  Turns out there are tons of other people who feel isolated in their pursuits and beliefs.  Even with what we know about Cultural Creatives and LOHAS types, there are still those moments where you feel most certainly… absolutely… definitely… no one else on this gorgeous blue orb could possibly understand what you’re facing, let alone empathize with it.

The good news?  That is an illusion.  That Darth Vader whisper that you’re separate, disconnected and must go it alone… that is a distortion of reality that eats its own hand, and will eat yours too, if you let it.

Keep your hand.  Use it to reach out, instead ;-)

Q4U:  What’s an illusion you’re now thankful to be free of?


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3 Responses to “The Gift of Disillusionment”

  1. Erika Harris Says:

    I just finished reading an article about an entrepreneur who had given up her day-job, and gone out on her own. Her friend told her: “Congratulations, you’ve given up the illusion of security, for the illusion of freedom.” Ouch!

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