Rampage of Appreciation – Day 6

You know what I love about flash floods?  You can’t be serious in them.  Or, maybe I should say, I can’t be serious in them.  When being pelted by water, it causes an automatic sense of Release and Relaxation in me.  Whether I’m indoors taking a shower, or I’m outdoors being showered.

Like last evening, a few minutes after 5:00 pm, heavy water bullets shot everyone and everything in their path.  The only thing funnier than the uselessness of umbrellas in this windy storm, were the people who tried to fight it.

When getting drenched is inevitable, you may as well have fun getting drenched :-)


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2 Responses to “Rampage of Appreciation – Day 6”

  1. Man Alive Says:

    Exactly! This is a great principle for peace – if it’s inevitable just give in and try to find the fun in it.

    Thanks for another good post and happy 24 rampage hours.

    Man Alive

  2. Erika Harris Says:

    @Man Alive – I appreciate your visits… your comments… and your name!

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