Rampage of Appreciation – Day 4

There is a wonderful surprise at the end of this video.

I would have embedded it right here for you, but Virgin Records won’t permit it.  It really is worth taking the time to click-and-watchEmpaths, HSPs and all other Sensitives will get an automatic, intuitive download just by watching.  It’s the easiest epiphany you will ever get this lifetime.  I realize that’s a strong recommendation, but the effect of this video is really what’s strong.

In a little over five minutes, you will be reminded of your magnetism… and your power!

I am very thankful for this reminder, and I love that not one word was needed.  The lesson/message/wisdom is communicated on a far deeper level… that transcends the over-analyzing, easily-confused, linguistic mind.  So refreshing.

And inspiring.

It expanded my sense of how Creative Vision and Music can be a Power-Tool in evolving consciousness.

How does the video affect you?  Did watching it give you any new ideas?


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