Rampage of Appreciation – Day 3

Saturday I drove my Mom to Indiana to visit a close family member who’s in the hospital.  My uncle is getting stronger and is in good spirits.  Yay!  And on our way back to Chicago from Hobart, we passed a fresh strawberry stand!  I got a big ‘ol bucket of sweet, juicy strawberries for $10.  (Johnson’s Farm also has strawberry-picking days.)

I feel like Bubba Gump… only with strawberries instead of shrimp…

Strawberry sorbet… mead… preserves… smoothies… dipped in chocolate… lemonade… shortcake… and just plain, and chilled and popped in my mouth whole.

So simple and fuss-free.  If peace could be eaten, I’m pretty sure it would taste like strawberry :-)

What food brings you a positive state of mind?


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One Response to “Rampage of Appreciation – Day 3”

  1. David Says:

    Excuse me for mentioning it, but I think your Mojo is on fire in several quadrants of at least the known universe.

    Inspiring, to say the least; spiritually uplifting and soulfully amusing.

    Thank you so much for sharing, and for daring!

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