Rampage of Appreciation – Day 1


My precious Grandma was born on June 9th.  Even though she’s not in this physical dimension anymore, I pause to remember her birthday and revel in very fond thoughts about her.  As she’s been especially strong on my mind these last few days, I’m not surprised I’ve been hearing her caramel-voice remind me to, “Count your blessings, Dear.”

And because my energy is not at all pastel, but fiery, I really resonate with Abraham-Hick’s reference to gratitude as a Rampage of Appreciation.”

Whatever you want to call it, it’s time for me to start giving daily thanks.  With words.  As a joyful and regular practice.  Here are three of my thankies from yesterday:

  1. Honey Oat Bread.  When I get a sandwich from Subway I always get it on their Italian Herbs & Cheese bread.  Well, I should say, “used to always get…” because yesterday I tried Honey Oat instead, and I reached new heights in sandwich-sensuality.  Talk about mouth-water :-)  The Honey Oat bread is so soft and sweet… it blended perfectly with the spiciness of the banana-peppers, and I felt such deep enjoyment and pleasure as I ate.
  2. Bright and early yesterday morning, the 5th grade daughter of one of my girlfriends sent me an email.  In all pink.  With lots of enthusiasm! and innocence.  For no reason other than to make sure we were staying in touch.  So thoughtful.  And smile-provoking.
  3. My multidimensional awareness keeps opening wider and fuller.  Taking in light, and giving back fragrance.  I love being in Life’s Garden with you, friend.

What are you thankful for?


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2 Responses to “Rampage of Appreciation – Day 1”

  1. Man Alive Says:

    Ha Ha! Rampage of appreciation – what a fantastic way of expressing what our lives should be like! I am thankful for the phrase… among a lot of other things.

    Happy 24 hours.

    Man Alive

  2. lifeblazing Says:

    @Man Alive – I really like the phrase, too. “Rampage” is so strong and forceful… which can be a great thing when directed in a postive way. Rampage of Love. Rampage of Joy. Rampage of Creativity. Thanks for resonating :-) and happy 24 hours back atcha! Heck, in the spirit of rampaging, let’s make it 2,400,000,000,000 hours. LOL.

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