How To Talk From Your Heart


I got another question from an online acquaintance (whose name is not really Neelah).  I’ve noticed something interesting about these exchanges:  I really enjoy answering them!  Not because I’m silly enough to think I’ve got Answers, but when I respond to them, I feel myself speaking from Intuition and Higher Wisdom.  And conducting that pristine energy feels great.  So, keep your questions coming if you’re so inclined!  Whenever I post them I’ll always do so anonymously.

Neelah Asked: 

Forgive me for asking you about  a personal matter, but I think I have a highly sensitive friend and he’s also been abused when young and has depression.  He easily gets annoyed/mad at things I say since he is “too sensitive” about the truth.  How am I supposed to bring things to his attention without upsetting him?

Erika Responded:

Neelah, do you sense any difference between my two answers to you below:
1.  You are “too confrontational”, and maybe even a little self-righteous, in your desire to show your friend The Truth.
                        – versus –
2.  Your friend is fortunate to have your care.  The trick is making sure he feels and hears that care when you’re communicating with him.
It’s not what we say, but how we say it.  The most difficult message, when wrapped in love, can go down like creamy chocolate… which is so much better than gravel.  Try this:  When you’re talking to him, think about the center spot of your chest — between your breasts.  Imagine that center getting warm, and glowing with ruby-orange light.  Before you speak, make sure every word comes from that warm, glowing spot.  Pause as much as you need to.  Your talking might come across choppily, but it won’t matter, because you’re taking the time to “dunk” each spoken thought in a love elixir.  Your words will come out just right.  And not only will they be heard.  They’ll also be healing.


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