Life Is Like A Bowl Of Oatmeal


Some days are bland.

Some days are a gloppy mess.

And some days are seasoned just outrageously right… with bananas, peaches, apples, walnuts, raisins, cinnamon and honey.  Mmmm :-)

What kind of day did you have?



3 Responses to “Life Is Like A Bowl Of Oatmeal”

  1. Grace Kerina Says:

    My day is like a bowl of oatmeal that steadies and provides a foundation: good, solid food that keeps me going strong until lunch-time. It’s this kind of day because various things I’ve been working on are taking shape in the practical world lately, providing me with the promise of more to come, and giving me the sustenance I crave.

    Thanks for all your glorious metaphors.

  2. Erika Harris Says:

    @Grace – “providing me with the promise of more to come, and giving me the sustenance I crave.”

    Your words made my soul shift, Grace. Partly because I’m so very happy to hear this kind of deeeep relief has rested upon you. And partly because the universality of it gives me relief, too. Thank you, Lovely Lady.

  3. Keith Says:

    I just looked at this web site for the first time.

    I just saw this Bowl of Oatmeal posting and I just, literally just put down the bowl and spoon from the Oatmeal I was just eating!


    My oatmeal was very plain, in a nice deep bowl, I had organic milk in it – and enjoyed it due to its simplicity and the warm feeling of home that came with it. Solid, grounding, warmth of stability.

    I will need to find some space of time to look deeper into your site. As an empath (my whole life) there are many things I find I need to either just learn to be still and quiet with and others I need to learn how to communicate and be very aware of their effects from doing so.

    Discernment is so very important for life………….

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