Happy Reset Button!


Besides looking like navels, Reset Buttons are so great because they clean.  They refresh.  They restart.  They renew.

Symbolically, (where the Gregorian calendar is the symbol), “01.01.0_” has always reminded me of that beloved navel reset button.  So while, yes, today really is just another arbitrary slice of 24-hours (there’s that Gregorian symbolism again), indulge me.  Let me use this first-page-of-a-new-notebook feeling to share four quick updates with you: 

1.  Shiva Nata – Ineffable!  A handful of things in life are beyond comprehension, let alone description.  Shiva Nata is one of them.  But if you are willing to put your ego on pause, you may have just stumbled upon The Ultimate Transformational Tool.  If you, your health, your relationships, your emotional well-being and your finances are all in tip-top shape, then never mind (and please do share your wondrous secret with the rest of us).  But if you want to take any of these life-areas up a notch, click that Shiva Nata link.  And hold on tight absolutely let go :-)

2.  Sensitivity– Ever since I announced my first book, “Unleash Your Light,” would be available at the end of 2008, I wrestled with the best way of getting my content out into the world:  old-school-paper?  new-school-digital?  podcast?  tele-seminar?  workshop?/retreat?  While I was seeking clarity on the how (distribution), something started happening to the what (my most meaningful message).  My Core-Content — the stuff I feel most compelled to share — was changing by leaps and bounds because I was changing by leaps and bounds.  Fast forward.  The month of December I didn’t produce a single blog posting here.  But that’s because I was super-focused building a new site that is the baby-beginnings of me.  Actually.  Unleashing.  My.  Own.  Light.  Click that Sensitivity link to learn more about that oh-so-right shift. 

3.  Social Media – Of all the people in the room, I am least qualified/equipped to really talk about what this means with any depth or lucidity.  But I can tell you, from an intuitive place, that social media is like basket-weaving.  With strangers.  Who become friends, providers and/or clients.  And it is only because of social media that #s 1, 2 and even 4 on this list are now a part of my reality.  Much more to learn.  Much more to gain.

4.  Succulence – I offer you no link for this because, well, what kind of unreasonable pressure is that… to find and use ONE lousy URL to be the placeholder for something as incredible and immeasurable as succulence?!  Let’s suffice with the definition of succulent:  “full of juice.”  And for you closet etymologists, the root of juice is “essence, strength or vitality”.  I plan to use the ideal of juiciness as my baseline in decision-making this year (i.e. “How succulent would that trip/friendship/meeting/project be?”)

Because I’m far too fluid and hyper-evolving, resolutions are just plain contrary to my nature.  But themes are not.  I can work, play and grow with themes.  So, above, are my four main themes for 2009.  What are yours?


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4 Responses to “Happy Reset Button!”

  1. Nicole Says:

    Cool, cool, COOL website! I guess I missed the unveiling of it on Facebook because I was on the plane back from India. Congratulations, though! I’m going to bookmark it and explore it when I have time. :)

  2. Erika Harris Says:

    @Nicole – Welcome home! I’ll have to check your FB page for photos. Hope you had a great time in India!

  3. Begin as you mean to go on | Blonde Chicken Boutique Says:

    […] I was thinking over this excellence, I read about succulence – the state of being juicy. That’s what I want! I want to infuse my work with juiciness –  full […]

  4. Begin as you mean to go on « Tara Swiger Says:

    […] I was thinking over this excellence, I read about succulence – the state of being juicy. That’s what I want! I want to infuse my work with juiciness –  full […]

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