Colloidal Gold: The Ultimate Mind-Bling

Colloidal gold is nanometer-sized particles of pure gold suspended in pure water.  In my own personal experience, it has elevated clarity, creativity and calm.  This post is to share a few of those experiences with you.

Underwhelming Grief

August 12, 2008 I started taking 3 daily tablespoons of Gold Rush –Element for Life’s colloidal gold.  Five days later, my Grandad died.  But the grounded peace and well-being that surrounded me during that time, and that continues to surround me two months later, is hard to explain.  Of course I continue to grieve over the death of my Grandfather, who was more like a very close Father to me, but most mornings I’m excited to start each day, and earlier than usual at that!

Active Compassion

Living in Chicago, it’s customary to get confronted by lots of homelessness and in-your-face-begging. Over the years, I’d gotten a little numb from all the requests.  But my compassion has been refreshed and renewed, and I now again take the deepest pleasure in offering comfort and assistance however I can –sometimes cash, sometimes food, always direct eye-gazing and projected dignity.  It’s one thing to feel your heart expand.  It’s another to do something tangible with that expansion.


Bigger, Clearer Comprehension

Imagine being a chicken, unable to fly or even run particularly fast.  You’ve got limited movement.  And, worse yet, you’ve got limited perspective.  Now imagine being an eagle.  And who cares how quickly you can run, because you can soar!  And, better yet, you’ve got panoramic vision as a result.  That’s the difference I feel now with how I process and interpret things.  More eagle.  Less chicken.

Fun and Surprising Inventiveness

There are a few areas in my life that I have wanted to reinvent for several years now.  I want my purchasing choices to agree with my employment choices to agree with my relational choices, to agree with my eating choices, to agree with my recreational choices to agree with my giving choices to all agree with my foundational beliefs.  You know, alignment.  Integrity.  A life that doesn’t lie.  Well, I’m happily moving in that direction.  The realm of inspired ideas keeps opening itself to me, and I’m pouring the fruit of those ideas into a couple different micro-businesses that are being built with nothing but love for you.

Lots of Green With My Gold

To be fair, I am certain that my adoption of a high-raw and living foods diet has attributed greatly to my sparkly :-) mind.  I also know that some people don’t experience the felt improvements I’m writing about, and that’s because the effects of the gold are subtle.  And lots of people aren’t attuned to subtlety.  And that’s certainly okay.  But for those of you with an active inner life, or who are inclined toward contemplation and higher levels of awareness, this might be just the supernutrient to add to your treasure chest.

P.S.  Elements for Life offers the best superfoods on the market.  I’m a happy customer and a happy representative.  Join me.

Disclaimer: This post has not been evaluated by the USFDA, is not medical advice, is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease and should not in any way be used as a substitute for the advice of a physician or other licensed health care practitioner.

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