Just no words. Not yet, anyway…

Erika & Grandaddy - Father's Day 2008

Erika & Grandaddy - Father's Day 2008

My Precious Grandfather passed this morning, about 1:40 am.
Even though he was 100.5 years old, it still breaks my heart…

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3 Responses to “Just no words. Not yet, anyway…”

  1. Rawbin Says:

    I lost my grand daddy last fall at 99.5 years old. I’m sorry to hear you’ve lost yours, too. It’s a special thing to have known and loved someone who has experienced so much life. I hope you have the love and support around you of other family members.

  2. Brent Naseath Says:

    I’m VERY sorry for your loss and that of your family. Congrats to your grandpa for living such a long life and for the love he passed on to you. I’ll pray for a special blessing of love and peace for you and your family. Love from my heart to yours,

  3. Robin Says:

    Erika, What a beautiful picture of you and your Grandad. & what a handsome man he was.. there is a definite resemblance between you two.
    100 years old, wow!!! My deepest condolences and love to you.
    I am loving your blog posts. Thanks, much love, Robin

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