How To Break Up in Peace and With Class








“Erika, I’d like you to meet my soon-to-be-ex-husband, Rick…”

I was at a tantric workshop, and this super-evolved couple befriended me.  I was a little surprised by the introduction… and even more so by the deep and obvious care they continued to share… they way they doted upon each other:  “Oh, I see your tea is empty… let me refill that for you, Dear.”

They had shared 30 years in marriage, 7 children and an interdependence that many happy couples might not even have.  Despite this, though, they mutually agreed they would be better apart, than together.  But what made them so outstanding in my mind was their commitment to bless their separation from each other.  They were receiving tantric counseling to help them go far beyond the typical “closure” of failed relationships and marriages.  They did very courageous inner-work to create and sustain healing in the midst of divorce’s chaotic pain.

I certainly hope I won’t have to practice the wisdom I learned from this couple, but I am grateful to have witnessed it.  Conscious love, at the end of a relationship.


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3 Responses to “How To Break Up in Peace and With Class”

  1. omblisstantra Says:

    The practice of conscious love is beautiful. And the practice of unconditional love as well. What an incredible example of unconditional love that you witnessed!

    My husband and I are Tantra teachers. For anyone interested, we do OmBliss Tantra Kriya Yoga Workshops and Retreats around the world, holding space for unconditional love and self growth.

    Blessed be,
    Chelsea & Rafael

  2. amethystwyldfyre Says:

    Thanks for sharing this link Erica – indeed it is only in separating cleanly that we can truly be empowered to move forward and create from a sacred space of clarity and joy the lives that we are dreaming.

  3. The Empathic Guide Says:

    This sounds just like my ex-husband and I! Once we’d agreed to separate, we remained such good friends that people meeting us for the first time were astounded to learn that we were in the process of getting divorced. He’s still one of my best friends today and it’s thanks to him, his IT skills and his amazing generosity that I have my website.

    Thanks for this link, Erica :)

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