Encouragement for Visionaries

There are some people who are actually driven by something much greater than self-absorption.  (They may be in a minority, but they do exist.) These people have an Urge on the inside of them that haunts and compels them to make their Urge a reality.  If you live with that constant inner-pull, then this letter is for you.  And if you’re someone who feels utterly pleased, or bored, with your life, and you have no idea of the Urge and Pull that I’m talking about… well, maybe you know a person like this.  In which case, this letter will help you better understand and support the Visionary who is in your life.

So, at superficial glance, Dear Visionary, people may mistake you for a malcontent; as you’re always tinkering, exploring, creating and insisting upon the improvement of things.  But that’s only because you so clearly see what can be.  And you’ve accepted your participatory role in ushering in that possibility.  You’ve taken responsibility for bringing it forth.  And that really is the most important thing.  Bringing it forth.

Whether you are an activist, artist, dreamer, entrepreneur, idealist, inventor, progressive parent, scholar, scientist, social reformer, etc., you owe it to the world to manifest your Urge.  That Urge is not in just to disturb your sleep, take your mind captive, or make you appear preoccupied and restless most of the time.  That Urge is in you to be developed and brought forth.  A segment of the world’s population is in dire need of the Thing(s) you are meant to bring forth.  And there is a degree of suffering that segment will endure unless and until you finish your Task.

Don’t let delays, criticism or alienation discourage you.  Accept them as part of the course, and go on.  Persist.  Relentlessly.  If you don’t do this, then you and the segment you were born to serve will remain unchanged.  The Future, its History, and our Present, will all be a bit handicapped because of your withholding.

If you’ve been looking or waiting for a Decided Marker – a Sign – to legitimize your commitment to your Urge, receive this letter as that Sign.  Receive these words as a big kick from the Universe telling you that NOW is your time.  Now is your time to give yourself over to that Inner Task you’ve been carrying around for years.

Giving yourself over to your Inner Task is not a grand and dramatic gesture.  It is, instead, precise and subtle.  It is listening like you’ve never listened before.  It is, maybe for the first time in your life, allowing yourself to be guided, taught and ignited by something only you can see.  And because only you can see it, only you can validate it.  You have to leave the safe shores of external affirmation, and go into the deep waters of self assurance.  The only way you can convert your Inner Task into an Outer Contribution is to absolutely believe in its value and worth – perhaps years before anyone else will or can.  You have to be confident in a journey that has no map.  But you need no map, because your confidence doesn’t come from the paths blazed by others.  It comes from a New Land only seen by you.  And you have within you all that you need to take us to that New Land with you.  We are ready and waiting.  Waiting for you to bring forth your vision.

Copyright © Erika Harris


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