Happy trails to you. Until we meet again.

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When I worked as a seasonal park ranger and, literally, bushwhacked my way through thick North Carolina woods, I learned that trails:

  • are created with choice + sweat;
  • curve — (at least the interesting ones do); and
  • end by opening to a new direction.

Well, that’s what’s happening here and now.  Choosing.  Sweating.  Curving.  Ending.  Opening.

Join me at empathicwriter.com where I’m opening to my new direction, which is a single-focused certainty that empathy will shift + lift culture to something that actually resembles sanity.

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2 Responses to “Happy trails to you. Until we meet again.”

  1. Julia Says:

    Dear Erika,

    I found your blog at just the right time. I’m a HSP, and I have been
    nourished by your words.

    I greatly appreciate your art. Thank you for sharing it!

    =) Julia

    • Erika Harris Says:


      Thank you so much for your thoughtful feedback :-) Please do stay in touch, via Facebook and/or empathicwriter.com.

      Wishing you every blessing,

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